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Digital Strategy & Planning

Establish the need for Digital Transformation


Now that you and your project team have discovered the needs of your users and have decided to investigate technology solutions to solve for their concerns, what remains to be learned is “what” solutions we should consider, and “when” should we target delivery.  


To get a bearing on what needs to be done, the first and most critical step is to make a full assessment of the current state of your technology solutions already in production and to establish a service blueprint or map for the critical integration points between system and human actors. 


By discovering the full extent of the digital capabilities that exist within your current enterprise architecture you will be better positioned to learn the limits of the current application, services, and platforms in use, to examine questions of scale, and to begin work defining the future optimal state of your enterprise which incorporates the changes you and your stakeholders hope to make.  


Once we’ve established a service map and analyzed the underlying related business processes we then begin working with you to define the future state of your enterprise by establishing a “north-star” or “blue-sky” vision which represents the optimal target state.  This effort is agnostic to considerations for cost, technical debt, or legacy constraints.

Create a Transformation Plan


After we have worked with you to define the optimal goal(s) for the future state of your digital solution(s) we then begin examining the delta or opportunity zone (ZPD) which exists between current and goal states.  From there, we work to conduct feasibility exercises, examine budget constraints, assess digital capabilities, review human capital talents, and more. We evaluate and help you establish short-term goals that map into a longe-range vision.


To facilitate this process, our Subject Matter Experts bring extensive market experience to help you better “defend against disruption” and evaluate competitive solutions.  We perform honest 360 degree evaluations on any software solution whether internally developed or externally sourced.*  This process will help you better determine whether to build new or buy into a technology solution.  We assist you and your team with the cost analyses weighed against both technical debt and potential ROI.  We also help you uncover, identify, and quantify opportunities to optimize human and system capital (watch).


These efforts lead us to co-define a strategy level Digital Transformation Plan that promotes the changes we are able to reasonably recommend undertaking, either incrementally or in whole. We then show you how to use your new Digital Transformation Plan to help you socialize your recommendations with enterprise stakeholders in order to build the organizational consensus you need to establish and move forward on the path of transformation.


* Our SME’s do not have financial relationships with the market products we discover, evaluate, or promote to you so you can be assured that our recommendations are always ethically made to benefit your enterprise and not our relationship with any vendor.

Digital Strategy and Planning
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